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Is it Important to Shower after Swimming in a Pool?

· chocie,health

The cleaner you go in & the cleaner after you get out - the Healthier both You and your Pool will be.

Showering both before and after being in a pool, is important. 

Most people don’t think about showering 

before getting into a pool, but it’s important to wash off any perspiration, body oils and acids, urine, and other contaminants that may enter the pool with us. Sunscreens and cosmetics can cause harmful chemical modifications.... so wash these off as well.


after swimming is equally important. Not only should you wash the chlorine off your body and bathers, but you want to remove any other chemicals or products on your body, such as later added sunscreen.

It's worth noting that pools contain more chemical than just chlorine - ( including 

hydrocholoric acid! ). Swimming in a chlorinated pool exposes your body to various chemicals. One of the most hazardous of them, chloramine, forms when chlorine comes in contact with organic materials, such as sweat and urine. If you - or your family - have ever experienced skin rushes, dryness, itches or eczemas after swimming - these are the most common effects of chloramine .choch

Showering after swimming is highly beneficial for your body as well as your overall health.