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Is WaterMark Important ?

You'll be very surprised to find out HOW essential it is.

Buying anything "plumbed" that DOESN'T have the WaterMark logo

could cost you thousands of dollars.

If you buy and install a shower, bath faucet, kitchen sink tapset or anything that distributes water under pressure, you really should be aware of the potential consequences of product failure.

WaterMark is the set of Standards set by the Australian and New Zealand Governments, which are to protect the consumer from inferior materials that can cause water damage to property. The range of products is diverse, but for the homeowner, it is essentially the products with valves and mixers that activate and adjust the flow of water under pressure. ( eg showers, taps, faucets ) If you suffer water damage as the result of the failure of a non-Watermark approved product, you will not be covered under your insurance*. ( * refer to your specific insurance policy coverage detail. ) If you suffer water damage as the result of the failure of a non-Watermark approved product, the plumber who installed it will not be covered under his/her insurance. He or she will likely be responsible for damages.

Your plumber / installer will most likely lose their license.

A WaterMark approved product is produced to be quality article, made to specification that allows for seamless integration with other such approved products. It also sets parameters for endurance and tolerance, essential in providing the most reliable performance of products : domestic, commercial and industrial.

HYDRA JET SHOWERS are Watermark Certified

Legally installed Indoor plumbing requires Watermark Certification and issue of a Certificate of Compliance in accordance with regulations.

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